Full-timing across the USA authors are John and Becky Gaver.

John is a retired businessman, title abstractor, and non-fiction author and Becky is a CPA and title abstractor.

John’s degree is in electronic engineering, but he ended up working in the computer industry, eventually running large IT departments, before moving into personal businesses endeavors, writing books on political policy, and doing title abstracting. Due to his engineering and technology background, expect him to occasionally review motorhomes and accessories, from a technical viewpoint.

Becky is a CPA, who has worked in the insurance industry, in various controller and CFO positions and later in the petroleum industry. She is currently a title abstractor. Expect Becky to post about full timing finances and cost efficiencies.

Together, John and Becky have run several businesses, including a printing business, an import-export business, and they have both worked as title abstractors, on pipeline projects. It was on pipeline projects that they first learned a lot about RVs, since many right-of-way workers (a.k.a landmen) and other pipeliners have RVs that they work out of, while on projects.

They plan to spend the fruits of their labor touring the USA in a diesel pusher, tag-axle motorhome and writing about their adventures. Of course, since the pay is so good and the work is easy, they could be coaxed into taking the occasional abstracting job, along the way, since, as they say, “home is where we park it.”

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