We visited the 2017 Dallas Spring RV Show

Although we had just attended the much larger Houston RV and Motorhome Show a week earlier, we decided to drive up to Dallas, for their Spring RV Show (they have one in the fall, too). The reason for this is because of the seminars.

We spent three days, last week, at the Houston show and walked through and around every motorhome that is still on our list of possibilities. We talked to all of the manufacturer reps, at length. We were up to our ears with info on the coaches. So we had no interest in seeing more of the same motorhomes.

But the seminars were an entirely different thing. The Dallas RV show had more seminars in one day, than the Houston show had all week – and they were all good seminars. We spent almost all of our time in seminars. We had lunch, during the only seminar in which we had no interest.

I will say that it tells you that you’ve been attending a lot of RV shows, when the factory reps see you coming down the aisle and call you by name.

The line to buy tickets was atrocious. They had only two people selling tickets. Compare that to the Houston show, where they had three ticket windows open, at each end of the hall. The Dallas show was split up into two halls, with some of the RVs outside. Anyway, I shot a minute or so of video, just so you could see the difference. If you are interested, the way I got such smooth video, was that I shot the whole thing with my iPhone 6+, mounted on a Shiyun-Tech Smooth-II Gimbal (http://amzn.to/2kLQEu3). That rig was attached to the end of a 28 inch extension pole, to get the high shots.


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